"Organization, knowledge, and positive attitude"

“Vicki produced an overdub session that I played on for a Portland singer/songwriter. I do a lot of these kinds of sessions and they fade quickly, but I remember that one because of Vicki’s organization, knowledge, and positive attitude. We got some really nice stuff quickly and without any confusion or tension. She had to-the-point suggestions but let me work the way I wanted; just what I would want in a producer.

“A couple of years later, Vicki came to a local show I was doing at a Portland club. I was recovering from a hand injury and was slightly discombobulated. Vicki had some great things to say about my state of mind and made two very specific suggestions which made the performance into a pleasure for me. We’ve occasionally had some other social discussions which always leave me in a euphoric state.

“This woman is, to put it simply, a healer. Lucky to know her.”

Darol Anger, Violinist, fiddler, composer, producer and educator
(David Grisman, Tony Rice, Béla Fleck, Vassar Clements, Stephane Grappelli, Mike Marshall, Mark O’Connor)

"Encourages the artistic"

“Vicki encourages the artistic. She makes you stretch, and she brings people out of the shell that they’re stuck in. I was very surprised when I heard the recordings we worked on together, because I usually don’t like hearing my work once it’s done – I just want to move on to the next thing. But listening to these tracks was a joy.

“Vicki is very focused and professional, but also playful and light, with a human touch. She made my performance in the studio 10 times better than I thought it would be, and she brought things out in me that I didn’t even know were there.”

— Béla Balogh, Composer/Multi-instrumentalist
Co-founder of 3 Leg Torso

"A guiding light"

“Vicki has been a guiding light in my musical journey. She produced my debut CD, “Reveeled” (Mazama Music, 2008), and directed my sold out CD release party at Mississippi Studios. Vicki very patiently and effectively gave me invaluable advice and feedback on vocals, performance, recording, launching a musical career, etc. We have been working together for five years and I continue to look to her for band coaching and development as a musician. Because of Vicki, I have been able to take the stage and live the dream of a successful recording and performing artist.

“Since I’ve had the opportunity to work with Vicki in various musical situations, I have come to appreciate her keen intuition, honesty, and direct communication. She is a very talented singer/songwriter herself, and I am continually impressed with her wealth of musical knowledge and her skills as a coach. I trust her opinion, and the advice she has given me has made a huge difference in my relationship to my audience.

“Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, I would highly recommend Vicki to help you get the most out of your potential as a musician.”

Brad Creel, Singer/Songwriter
Brad Creel and the Reel Deel

"A huge difference right away"

“We were doing a ton of shows, but we were feeling like there was something we lacked, that we were being musicians rather than entertainers. We wanted to get out of our own headspace onstage.

“From the audience’s perspective, I wanted them to be paying attention. From a personal perspective, I wanted to know I was doing my best to bring people in.

“Vicki was honest right from the start. In the music business, a lot of people want to sell you stuff or sugarcoat it. Vicki dove right in – she didn’t dance around things to protect our egos. At our first consultation, she came in with good ideas. But there was also a back and forth, so it was about what we wanted, too.

“The first time she worked with us, at a show, she gave me a couple of little tips after the first set that made a huge difference right away, and the second set was noticeably better for me. I noticed it in the way people were paying attention, and also in our CD sales after the show.

“At the end of our working together, we had the best show we had ever had. The crowd was into it, we were into it, we had better interaction between us as musicians, and our CD sales were the best yet.

“Vicki is ethical, professional, and knowledgeable, and she is passionate about what she does. It is extremely worth it to work with her. If you can go in with an open mind, be prepared to work, and get outside of your comfort zone, the work will make a huge difference in the end. For us, it paid for itself after only a couple of gigs.”

Eric Tweed, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

"Exactly what I needed"

“When my band began playing together, it had been a really long time since I had been onstage, and I was feeling very nervous about it. Working with Vicki was exactly what I needed to increase my confidence.

“Having a safe place to deal with my fears and desires about performing was incredibly helpful. Vicki totally understood my process and what I was going through. She made me realize that it was reasonable and normal to feel like I did – being terrified to go onstage and yet desperate to do it.

“Vicki was encouraging and supportive. Her approach was, there’s work to be done and it’s possible to do it.

“Now I’m able to bring a lot more focus to what I’m doing onstage, I’m much more free and confident, and I’m paying more attention to the story I’m telling in each song.

“I feel differently about my craft – actually, now it feels like a craft. I don’t believe I would have gotten here if it hadn’t been for Vicki, and I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

— Julia Nusbaum, Vocalist/Songwriter

"Measurable results"

“An honest opinion can be hard to find in the music business. Any performing musician knows that it takes blood, sweat and tears to become your best, but where to focus your effort isn’t always obvious. Promoters, friends, fans and fellow musicians may have the best of intentions, but are rarely willing (or even able) to give the kind of feedback that we all need to hone our skills and let our talents shine.

“This is where Vicki comes in. She has the ability to watch a performance and immediately see tangible and attainable ways to improve it. At the same time, she has enough experience as a performer herself to get her ideas across without being negative or critical (and breaking our little prima donna hearts). Vicki can help musicians take their craft to the next level in a supportive and encouraging way.

“My experience working with Vicki was very positive, and best of all, it produced measurable results. Her help literally paid for itself, with better audience reactions and more CD and merchandise sales within just a few shows. I have recommended Vicki to my musician friends, and I recommend her to any performer who wants to work to improve their art.”

— Robert Oseas, Bassist

"I learn something new every time"

“Because of Vicki, I’m becoming more aware of the process that goes into making a performance, and the physical and psychological reactions I have to performing. It’s been a revolutionary discovery, and it’s something I never figured out until we worked together.

“Vicki is supportive, patient, and of good humor, and I find that very helpful. She listens really well to what I’m doing, and she knows how to intuit what it is that I’m able or need to hear at that moment. That takes a certain talent or skill that only good teachers have.

“I got more out of the first two times we got together than I ever expected. I keep going back because I learn something new every time, and that makes it of value to me. Vicki challenges me, and that’s what I want.”

— Jim Mooney, Singer/Guitarist

"First class integrity"

“I’ve known Vicki for a long time. She’s calm and analytical, yet she’s not detached or unemotional. She’s super-organized, and she’s good at taking a big picture view while being able to contend with the details at hand.

“Vicki’s a very humanistic person – by that I mean she tends to look at things from the point of view of someone who cares about people and personal relationships. But she balances that by being very practical and professional.

“I have personal experience working with Vicki as a musician, and she is an accomplished musician. I have personal experience working with her as a producer, and she is an accomplished producer. Put those things together, and the sum is greater than its parts.

“Vicki is thorough, she communicates clearly, she’s one hundred percent reliable, and she has first class integrity.”

— Michael Bard, Musician, Composer, Producer, Engineer

"A truly committed artist"

“I was fortunate enough to work with Vicki as part of a trio called Sweet On Jethro. We never really elected a “leader”, so to speak, but Vicki had a way of keeping everything together and moving in the right direction; without her, I’m afraid we would have been a lost cause. She encompassed many roles in the group in addition to being the guitar player, songwriter, and singer. She performed all aspects of marketing, recorded and produced our CD, and patiently guided us through some highly complex harmonies.

“I often marveled at the way she stayed calm and focused throughout some high stress situations. I remember one time in particular when we had a show the same night that she had heard some devastating news about a family member’s health, but we never knew she was hurting until after the gig was over. She had managed to put on an excellent show in spite of her personal issues, which to me is the sign of a truly committed artist.”

— Laura Tollenaar, Vocalist/Bassist