Many independent artists and bands go into the studio without a producer, or they rely heavily on the engineer to guide them. Vicki assists “self-producing” artists by providing coaching and consulting before and after the recording phase, and by producing the vocal tracks so artists can be free of all other concerns when they’re in the booth.

CD PREPRODUCTION CONSULTING – cut your costs and maximize your efforts by polishing your material and making a game plan before you ever walk into the studio

STUDIO PERFORMANCE PREP – work comfortably with playback, and develop a sense of how your individual tracks will fit within the assembled song

VOCAL TRACKS PRODUCING – receive the benefit of Vicki’s years of experience as a studio producer, leaving you free to focus on delivering your vocals

MIX ASSESSMENTS – before you go to mastering, have Vicki provide a fresh perspective on your mixes, and receive detailed suggestions for adjustments and improvements

SONG SEQUENCING – fashion your album into a complete and fulfilling journey for the listener as Vicki assists you with designing the placement of the tracks