Everyone can recognize a good show when they see it. The performers are comfortable and dynamic, the audience doesn’t have to worry that things are going to go wrong, and good will circulates freely between the stage and the house, providing a flow of energy that builds on itself throughout the show. Working on these areas will pay off for you in ways you may not even anticipate.

Show polishing – enhance the professionalism of your act

Show freshening – bring new life to old material and stale staging

Set sequencing – plot the arc and journey of your sets

Song pacing and key selection – customize the elements of each song to optimally showcase you and your style

Looking for hidden gems – expand your horizons and your comfort zone when crafting your sets

Stage patter and audience rapport – connect with the audience with ease and positive energy

Getting the audience on your side – make them like you and root for you, and make them want to come back

Visual impact – construct a show that’s as appealing to the eye as it is to the ear

Variety in presentation – develop ways to shake things up during your show so that you can “cleanse the palate” when you need to

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