Personal Groundwork

As you focus on your artistry, what is holding you back? Are you getting in your own way? Do you enjoy performing, or do you find yourself just wanting to get through it? If you master these areas you can find new energy, and a new sense of purpose, in creating and presenting your art.

Conquering pre-show anxiety, stage fright, and self-negativity – free yourself of obstacles, and re-discover the joy of performing

Relaxation/visualization – learn to ground yourself and take control of your energy and your body

Confidence boosting – cultivate an affirmative view of your artistry

Developing focus – direct and keep your attention where it will serve you best, and improve your awareness of how you are presenting yourself onstage

Dealing with memory lapses in performance – have backup plans in place to smooth over gaffes, and be open to enjoying the unexpected

Being in the moment – enjoy the performance as it’s happening, and revel in the experience

Finding and staying in “the zone” – experience the comfort of preparedness, and let it launch you into spontaneity and creativity

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