Artistic Development

What kind of artist do you strive to be? What do you need to work on to reach the next level? Every performing musician can benefit from considering these issues. And although these are big-picture questions, the answers can spring from the small details of your artistic process. The discoveries you make along the way will motivate you, energize you, and open your mind to new possibilities.

Setting Artistic Goals – define and refine your creative objectives so that they resonate for you and inspire you

Identification and accentuation of strengths – maximize your assets and minimize your challenge areas

Developing stage presence and owning the stage – take charge of the venue, and the audience, with riveting charisma and calm authority

Finding your own sound – discover and distill your unique style, and deliver it with authenticity

Selection and interpretation of material – make conscious, intentional decisions in choosing and presenting your songs

Connecting with the emotional message of the song – find the nugget of the song that makes it come to life, for you and for the audience

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